ASA Annual Scientific Meeting

One of the principal activities of the ASA is the Annual Scientific Meeting, held in July each year to bring together astronomers from around Australia. The meeting offers the opportunity to stay in touch with developments across the broad range of astronomy in Australia. The meeting includes the Annual General Meeting of the Society and the public Harley Wood Lecture.


The 2014 Annual Scientific Meeting and General Meeting (ASA2014) will be hosted by Macquarie University from Sunday 20 July to Friday 25 July 2014. Note the change from the usual dates! There will be a reception on the evening of Sunday 20 July.

Details of the Meeting are available from the ASA2014 web site.

Future ASA Scientific Meetings

Institutions around the country and in New Zealand are invited to bid to host one of the ASA's Annual Scientific Meetings. It offers an opportunity to showcase your institution to your colleagues and students. It also shares the organisational effort (and experience!) around the community.

The deadline for submission of bids to host the ASM in the following year is now 31 January of the previous year - e.g. bids for the 2017 ASM must be received by 31 January 2016. This gives Council time to adequately consider any competing bids and suggest improvements, allowing an announcement at the AGM in July.

For many years the ASA Scientific Meeting has been held in the VCC Common Week in early July. In 2014 we are trialling a move to later in July, to place the meeting outside the School holidays for many states. The proposed dates are 20 to 25 July 2014. The ASM in 2015 may revert back to the AVCC common week of 5-10 July.

Instructions for Meeting Organisers

ASM/AGM Instructions for Organisers

Harley Wood School Instructions for Organisers

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Previous ASA Scientific Meetings

An Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) has been held in conjunction with the Society Annual General Meeting (AGM) since the ASA's formation in 1966. From 1966 to 1969, the meetings were in November or December. After a transition in 1970, the ASM/AGM moved to May to coincide with common vacation weeks in a 3 term university year. This timing continued from 1971 until 1987. The 1988 meeting was in August to coincide with the opening of the AT. Subsequent meetings have been in July to coincide with common vacation weeks in a 2 semester university year, with the sole exception of the October 1991 meeting.

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