Timeline for Organising the ASA Annual Scientific Meeting and Harley Wood School
(Latest revision 26 Jan. 2014)

This timeline is designed to serve as a guide to organisers of the ASA's Annual Scientific Meeting and the Harley Wood School. It should be read in conjunction with the Instructions and Suggestions for the Organising Committee for ASA's Scientific Meeting and Harley Wood School

Any amendments or additions are welcome.

Additional information is available from reports of past meeting organisers, available from the ASA Secretaries. There are also some extra planning notes from the 2007 meetings.

When Item Comments
31 January of year preceding event Bid for ASM due for submission to Council  
June/July of year preceding event Form committees; establish meeting pattern; meetings should be minuted
  Establish key dates HWWS immediately precedes the ASA; dates should be continuous so participants of both can get funding for all time away
  HWWS only: Decide on theme for HWWS The HWWS SOC makes this decision
July to December Estimate attendance
  Investigate venues Ensure for suitable projection and PA equipment (PA useful at HWWS trivia and ASA conference dinner); for HWWS check if there is a room fee on top of p/p catering fee; make sure all quotes include GST.
  Research nearby accommodation
  Obtain quotes for catering and social events
  Obtain quotes for other expenses Poster boards, conference bags, badges and stationery, bag fillers, bus if needed, printing of program booklets, estimate of eftpos fees
  Consider sponsorship Make personal enquiries with local suppliers
November Preliminary planning report Submit to ASA Council November meeting
November/December (or earlier) Refine the budget
  Determine registration fees Both conferences are self-funded, i.e. all expenses should be covered by registration fees. Fees must be approved by ASA Council in February.
  Organise payment system and set early registration deadline Early Registration deadline is typically later in April and should be no later than mid May.
End December / Early January Make bookings and arrange payment of deposits by ASA treasurer Book venues, caterers, poster boards if needed; Make block bookings for accommodation for ASA and remind HWWS venue students may stay elsewhere.
  HWWS only: Invite speakers for HWWS 2007 example invitation; provide a contact phone number to speakers for last-minute communication during the conference
By February of year of event Have budget and arrangements approved by ASA Council Submit brief written report to first ASA Council meeting of the year
  ASA only: Select invited speakers for the ASA Don't forget to invite them with a formal letter in consultation with ASA Council
  Draft skeleton program with times, special events and talk blocks  
  Sort out presentation modes so details can go on web page  
  Set up draft web pages Description of the auto registration system used in 2007.
February Proof and test web pages and any automated systems  
By end of February Web pages go live  
As soon as web pages are live Send 1st announcement to John O'Byrne  
  Plan any advertising for ASA  
As registrations come in Track registrations and payments Also establish email mailing lists of registrants for relevant announcements  
April Send 2nd announcement to John O'Byrne    
Mid April HWWS only: Review applications for student travel assistance to attend HWWS Students need to know outcome before early registration deadline
One week before early registration deadline Send final reminder of upcoming deadline to John O'Byrne  
Before end of May Draft schedule of talks (SOC) Also line up session chairs in time to be shown in program booklet
  Book bus if needed Based on numbers registered and requiring transport
Periodically at treasurer's discretion Sent outstanding payment reminders Only to people who haven't paid - use bcc (blind carbon copy) for confidentiality; 2007 example of payment request
End May/early June Order conference bags and bag fillers Request delivery about 10 days before start of conference to allow time for packing
As needed Organise payments Conference treasurer must liaise with ASA treasurer to plan payment of invoices as needed
About a month before ASA only: Advertise Harley Wood Lecture Also prepare flier as hand-out on the night
  ASA only: Organise internet access for ASA participants
  HWWS only: Check if internet available There is no expectation to have formal internet access at HWWS, but someone on committee may facilitate availability for delegates with legitimate need.
By mid June Collate conference program booklets (LOC) ASA: Proof and have printed.
HWWS: Proof and photocopy (can usually be done with department copier).
Two weeks before Discuss special dietary requirements with venues/caterers  
Deadlines as provided by caterers/venues Provide final catering numbers  
During week before HWWS Various tasks Pack conference bags; print sign-in list
During week before ASA Various tasks Pack conference bags; print sign-in list; make signs; print sticky labels for poster boards and indicate student posters with a special sticker (dot or star); print lists of numbers and posters to go on poster boards; email reminder of date of opening reception; order extra rubbish bins if needed
  Handy equipment You may need a laser pointer and/or stick, a bell, velcro dots and/or pins, sticky tape, blu-tac, gaff tape, a trolley and a small basic toolkit (screwdriver, pliers, mallet).
  Make up name badges/lanyard ID tags  
Day before Finalise addenda; put up signs Run off copies of addenda to be handed out with bags at registration
During HWWS Various tasks Set up registration desk at reception (with conference bags and badges); run trivia night or other social activity; manage projection equipment; make announcements; chair introduces speakers and presents gift (usually wine) immediately after each talk.
Immediately prior to ASA Meeting Report to ASA Council Chair of ASA usually reports on both meetings.
During ASA Meeting Various tasks Set up registration desk at reception (with conference bags, addenda, badges, ASA membership application forms for non-members) and also registration desk for conference; collect late payments; do photocopying (officials may need copies of reports for ASA AGM); manage lectern; make announcements.
Between last student talk and the dinner Make up student prize certificates; Write up prize cheques 2007 example certificate to be presented at conference dinner
As soon as possible afterwards Finalise finances (obtain and pay any outstanding invoices)
November Council meeting Final Report to ASA Council meeting

This Table edited from one prepared by Lesa Moore, secretary/treasurer of the 2007 LOC.

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