ASA Events Calendar

This is the Astronomical Society of Australia Events Calendar. The ASA maintains this calendar to allow members to minimise conflicts and overlaps when scheduling events catering to the Australian community of professional astronomers.

Events listed

The calendar includes ASA-sponsored events such as the Annual Scientific Meeting and the Harley Wood School. Also listed are conferences, workshops and meetings in Australia (and occasionally overseas) that are open to broad Australian and international participation. Local seminar series are not listed.

To have your event added to this calendar, please send an email containing the name and description of your event, and the URL of the web page to the ASA President
cathryn.trott –@–

Adding to your own calendar

This is a public Google calendar. If you use Google calendar you can add this to your “Other calendars” list by selecting the drop-down menu arrow to the right of “Other calendars” on your Google calendar page, then clicking “Add by URL” and pasting in the following iCal format URL:

If you use iCal on a Mac, go to the “Calendar” menu item, choose “Subscribe” and paste in the same URL.