Working Groups of the ASA

The Society currently has one working group: the Sustainability Working Group (SWG).

The ASA Sustainability Working Group (SWG) was commissioned by the ASA council in 2019 to lead initiatives to promote sustainable working practices within the Australian Astronomical Community.


Astronomy offers a fresh angle to engage the public with the science of climate change. Astronomers bring an understanding of the underlying cause-and-effect physics governing planetary behaviour from the widest perspective of all: the origins, evolution and fate of the solar system itself. The energy budget of Earth, the fate of our neighbouring worlds in the solar system, and the emerging results from exoplanetary discovery can be woven into a compelling narrative. This talk asks you to join us in bringing evidence-based reason, drawn from your own field, to the forefront of public discourse.

See the ASA’s Sustainability Statement.

Please feel free to use these resources for your very own talk:

  1. Main Presentation: keynote pdf
  2. Demo Videos: Caponograph IR Camera
  3. More Resources

Contact the SWG – for more information or to join the SWG, contact Themiya Nanayakkara at