ASA Ballot – 2020 Constitution Amendments



The ASA is incorporated as an Association in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). The changes to the ASA Constitution are required to comply with recent ACT legislative changes for Incorporated Associations. These legislative changes include some current national incorporation requirements. The ASA is already bound by the new legislation but we must align our Constitution to be consistent with it.

Changes to the ASA Constitution require a ballot of all voting members of the Society in accordance with clauses 37 (Changes to the Constitution require a ¾ majority) and 29 and 30 (Ballot procedures).

This ballot of all voting members is to approve changes to some articles of the ASA Constitution as indicated in the document below:

2020 Constitution Amendments for ACT legislative changes (PDF)



2020 ASA By-Law Changes (for information only)



The ASA Council periodically changes and adds By-Laws to the ASA Constitution to reflect current procedures and operations of the Society. The Council must notify the membership of such changes within 6 months of their adoption. These By-Laws were adopted by the Council at or since its 3 July 2020 meeting.

More information can be found in the document below:

2020 ASA By-Law Changes (PDF)