Astronomy Meetings

The ASA runs several meetings each year, but also maintains lists of other astronomy meetings in Australia and links to list of astronomy meetings across the world.

2020/21 COVID-19 – Online Presentation Listing

During this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, many ASA members are joining others in the community in working from home and practicing social distancing. In this environment, many institutions are moving their presentations and seminars online. The ASA is providing a Listing of Australian Astronomy Presentations and Seminars. Please add your own meetings here.

ASA Meetings

  • The Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) held in July each year.
  • The Harley Wood Lecture is a public lecture held in association with the ASM, featuring a distinguished local or overseas astronomer.
  • The Harley Wood School of Astronomy (HWSA) for postgraduate students, is usually held just before the ASM.
  • The Summer School in Theoretical Astrophysics for postgraduate students is held every two years, alternated with the Astroinformatics School, and organised by the ASA’s ANITA chapter.
  • The Astroinformatics School is held every two years, alternated with the Summer School on Theoretical Astrophysics, and aims to meet the needs of new postgraduate students and other interested astronomers for computational skills. The School was first run in 2009, taking over from the Aus-VO (Australian Virtual Observatory) Summer School (2007-8), and is now organised by the ASA’s ANITA chapter, funded by the ASA with added sponsorship from other astronomical organisations in Australia and the generous support of the Richard Cole Fund.
  • The ASA Early Career Researcher (ECR) Mentoring Workshop has been run every two years since 2012. The ECR Workshop is aimed at postdocs and very junior faculty and aims to address topics related to career progression for the future leaders in our astronomy community.

    Other Australian and International Meetings

    The Meetings page of the ASA’s Australian Astronomy web site has links to other non-ASA meetings:

    Financial Arrangements for other meetings

    The ASA may occasionally offer its endorsement of non-ASA conferences but the Society does not, in general, offer financial support for conferences other than its own scientific meetings. A Statement of ASA Policy on this issue is available and enquiries should be directed to one of the ASA Secretaries.