The Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) is a radio telescope array located in the Murchison region of Western Australia.

Credit: CSIRO

Murchison Widefield Array

The most photogenic MWA tile, number 107, next to the iconic breakaway.

Credit: Natasha Hurley-Walker (ICRAR/Curtin)


Credit NPG UK - see image credit page

Sir Richard van der Riet Woolley

by Bassano Ltd
half-plate film negative, 2 June 1965
Photographs Collection
NPG x172076

Creative Commons Licence from National Portrait Gallery, UK

Mount Stromlo Observatory

The Mount Stromlo Observatory (MSO) is the headquarters of RSAA, located in Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory.

Credit: Cristy Roberts, RSAA, Australian National University

Emu in the Sky

The aboriginal “emu-in-the-sky” constellation in the sky. This photograph won its creator third prize in the prestigious 2007 “Eureka” awards. To see the “constellation”, look at the dark dust-clouds, not the stars!

Credit: Barnaby Norris

Dick McGee


Credit: CSIRO Radio Astronomy Image Archive